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#BLOCKCON + | Museum Of Flying | Oct 10-11-12th


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BLOCKCON is back & it's happening Oct 10th 2018. Clear the schedule and get yourself involved because it's going to be another great event not to be missed! Tickets for Immutable, Transparent & Decentralized attendee can be purchased on this page.

Expect another awesome conference of great colleagues, great networking & of course awesome food, as we are lucky enough to have one of best speakers line-ups we've seen in years. The LA's best & brightest will be making the trip down to Santa Monica, see you soon there.

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Come and hear NAVAL RAVIKANT (CoinList, AngelList, Philosopher), NASSIM TALEB (Black Swan Author), MUHAMMED YUNUS (Noble Prize, MicroLending), RALPH MERKLE (Inventor of Public Key and Merkle Trees), DIEGO G. (RSK RootStock) and more