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CRYPTOYACHT A Center for the Crypto and Blockchain Community

  • 2633 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica, California 90405 (map)

Come join the focused few in the networking event, the party, the gathering to herald a new time. Join the CryptoYacht and be the center of the Blockchain Universe.

The Crypto Yacht is an on-going series to support social good, non-profits and tech projects with impactful missions to make the world a better place for all!


Our launch event is in partnership with LA Blockchain Week and Crypto Invest Summit - capping the week floating on the Crypto Yacht wrap event in Marina Del Rey on Oct. 24th


Sponsors and partners welcome aboard!   We would love to find a powerful way to highlight and support your mission! For information about sponsorship contact us.

We have partnered with the Xanadu Foundation with the mission of creating plastic free oceans through green living, wellness & education. We host regular beach clean-ups and educational talks, sustainable practices and transitioning away from single use plastics. Global scientific research & activation operations in conjunction with groups such as The Ocean Cleanup.