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Crypto Art Show - BVBTC - Max Osiris - 期一会 (ichigo ichie)

  • Innerspace Gallery 110 Winston Street Los Angeles, CA, 90013 United States (map)



LA's first Crypto Art show is happening Saturday Nov 9th featuring art from the pioneers of the #CryptoArt movement. Crypto Art is an emerging art movement that blends and utilizes the decentralized nature of blockchain technology (Bitcoin, Ethereum) to create, buy, and sell art. Come experience the next frontier of art, find out how this will transform the nature of art collection itself, and meet some of the pioneers in this exciting new field at the intersection of ART + Blockchain. Come mingle, see projected art galleries in VR, find out about AI's impact on the future of art, collect exclusive rare editions, and more. Every attendee who registers beforehand will receive a special edition of AI-assisted digital art created specifically for this event. Bring your friends to this once in a lifetime event. Hosted by Max Osiris. More details at 期一会 (ichigo ichie)