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Los AngelETH Hackathon @ Blockchain Beach

  • Science Inc 1447 2nd St, Suite 200 Santa Monica, CA USA (map)

Join the Los AngelETH Hackathon, a chance to contribute your voice toward a better, more decentralized future.

Open to intermediate and advanced visionaries who are looking to build the next...

Visualization Solution, d’App, or Software Development Tools

...on Ethereum. Come in-person with a computer, your brightest ideas, and your team (up to three people per team, or let us know if you’re looking for a partner). We’ll supply resources, snacks, and industry leaders to help steer you in the right direction.

The top projects in each vertical will win a prize (to be announced) and the opportunity to present their hacks during our closing reception. Additionally, Los AngelETH will award one Grand Prize to the top project overall.

    July 28 + 29, 2018 at Science Inc.

1447 2nd St, Suite 200, Santa Monica

Day Two

6am - 3pm:  Hackathon!

Space open to use

12pm: Networking, Lunch

3pm - 5pm: Judging

5pm - 7pm: Closing Reception and Networking

Day One

9am: Check in, Coffee, Networking

10am: Select Speakers 

11am: Pairing, Networking, Lunch

12pm - 2am: Hackathon!

Our Speakers and Judges

Arun Kalaiselvan

Arun is the CTO and co-Founder of Blockdaemon, a nodes as service platform. He has served as an engineer, entrepreneur, and UX and Game designer, though in his current role he seeks to bridge the gap between blockchain and the rest of the ecosystem. Previously, Arun was an engineering lead at Vizbee, Voray, PlaceIQ and LookBook. He is an expert in building large scale web applications, Ad serving infrastructure, IoT and big data. He is a blockchain zealot and data model fanatic.

Angello Pozo

Angello is co-Founder and CTO of HelloSugoi. He developed the world’s first blockchain-based event ticketing platform leveraging the Solidity and Javascript programming languages. He’s contributed to a number of open source Ethereum projects, including: Truffle, Test-RPC, and MetaMask. Angello is also co-founder of the popular “Real World Blockchain” Meetup, and is currently working on a Solidity development educational textbook. Angello started mining bitcoin in 2009, and has followed Ethereum’s development since late 2014.

Cyrus Taghehchian

Cyrus is the co-Founder and CEO of Cyrus, a Deloitte Consulting alum, is a consultant, co-active coach and Lean-Agile thought leader who has worked with companies such as Intel, Bank of America, Paypal, and more. Cyrus entered the blockchain space in 2015, having taken several notable active involvements, collaboration and advisory roles within the blockchain community where he applies his unique business development perspective, to promote blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Dipen Joshi

Dipen Joshi is head of blockchain tech development for Splyt. He’s been working on blockchain development for four years with an emphasis on Ethereum smart contract engineering. Dipen studied and graduated from California State University Northridge with a Computer Science degree. He enjoys working with algorithms, be it for games, softwares or blockchains, and will be his 4th blockchain project to date. With the skills gained from work with JD Power and Ethnews, he is bringing to the table the power of comprehensive blockchain talent. At JD Power he worked on DB query optimizations and R&D he worked on prospect new DB technologies like Cassandra and a full stack developer. At Ethnews, he created blockchain based projects like a KYC platform, a competition app, and a hosted ether bank.

Austin Davis

Austin Davis is the founder of Blockchain Beach crypto community events, media & conferences in Southern California, bringing blockchain entrepreneurs together for events, networking, media, strategy and team building experiences. He is also the founder & CEO of BNFT, Blockchain Think Tank, specializing in R&D, product development, consulting and education in the blockchain space. Austin is co-hosting the Hyperledger Foundation meetup(s) in LA and facilitating early stage development partnerships with ConsenSys and related venture production studios. He is well-versed in Smart Contracts, Solidity, Java, Node.js, C++, React Native, creating ERC20 tokens, DApps and DLT. Related to his background and experience in the corporate world, Austin is hosting corporate wellness and green living experience retreats on Catalina, such as the “Island Adventure Summit - Camp Xanadu 2018”, including Blockchain Beach technology workshops with hands on interactive experience. He holds a Masters in Materials Science & Engineering + Bachelors in Industrial & Information Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University. He is an avid entrepreneur with a passion for efficiency driven technology to benefit all humanity.


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